Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Girl in Dallas, TX

If you are a mother to a little girl, chances are you know what American Girl is.  Just in case you do not know what American Girl is, I will fill you in.  American Girl is best known for its line of dolls.  With the dolls come a bunch of doll accessories, furniture, books, etc. 

The American Girl store in Dallas is a girl's dream come true!  The store has everything a baby doll could need including matching girl and doll outfits.  There is a salon upstairs where girls can take their doll to get their hair brushed and styled.  You may even stop by for lunch or dinner at their restaurant where your daughter can dine with her American Girl doll. 

Now, here is a little known secret, periodically, American Girl hosts events for the girls to engage in with the AG characters.  Many times the events are historical and educational when they focus on the historical dolls.  I made this post today to let you know about an event that is coming up tomorrow.  Tomorrow's event will focus on Kit and the 1930's.  It starts at 3:00pm with a craft and scavenger hunt and ends at 5:30pm.  Starting at 5:30pm, you may extend your American Girl experience with a celebration that includes food and take home items including a book.  The event at 5:30pm, is $27 per child and requires a reservation, but the events before 5:30pm are all free! 

To learn more about American Girl, please visit their web-site: American Girl You will find more events there as well.  Enjoy!

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